What is the best way to teach literacy?

After talking and thinking a lot about literacy this semester, we’ve all developed our own ideas about the best definitions of literacy.  We know that there are huge consequences for every one of these definitions and we’ve read about how that can affect students.  A lot of the readings that we’ve done have been about teaching literacy in English classes.  Since many of us plan to go into education, I’m sure we’ve all developed our own ideas about how best to teach literacy.  In your opinion, based on the readings we’ve done and discussions we’ve had this semester, what do you think is the best way to teach literacy skills?  Are there few things that you think are key in teaching literacy skills?

1 thought on “What is the best way to teach literacy?”

  1. A few blogs posts ago several people brought up the idea of the United States being viewed as cultural salad versus an dissolving melting pot. I also personally like to think about education and curriculums as a salad as well. Why salad you ask? I lean towards the leafy green analogy because in a salad all the ingredients work together to make one meal but if need be they can stand alone and satisfy hunger as well. In creating a curriculum teachers should include diverse readings, assignments, and activities that will work together to make the one salad or one well-balanced student. This brings me to your question, I do not think there is one concise answer to teaching literacy. However I know that balance and diversity are crucial to teaching literacy. There must be a balance of traditional and non-traditional concepts, there must be room for new ideas and critical thinking, there must be a focus on communication– the list could go on and on. So in short, in any attempt to ‘teach literacy’ a key objective must be to maintain balance and diversity similar to a salad.

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