My notes on Maurice Black’s “The Art of Code”

Maurice Black’s “The Art of Code” is an excellent dissertation that is, unfortunately, very hard to get because it only exists in a single, print-copy form that must be requested through the University of Pennsylvania library. (I don’t think the author has ever published from it, but please alert me if so! I think he might have left academia.) I’ve been meaning to upload these notes for ages in order to provide a bit broader circulation to the ideas. So here you go! Available on Scribd.

Incidentally, Nick Montfort’s notes on the text are great (and are what persuaded me to read the dissertation).

Black, Maurice. “The Art of Code.” University of Pennsylvania, Department of English, 2002. Print.

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One Response to My notes on Maurice Black’s “The Art of Code”

  1. Kevin Brock says:

    Not that it’s THAT much better, but if you (the general reader) have access to a library with a subscription to ProQuest Dissertations & Theses, Black’s work is available there electronically.