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So after reading the article about eBooks and re-reading it again in Makers, I decided to ask one question that I hope stirs your debate skills my fellow bloggers. Which would you rather read an EBook or a regular old fashioned book….book. I’m going to stop right there. The mere fact that i said the sentence “Old fashioned book.” Makes me want to cry. I personally love hardcover-books. Holding them feeling them…smelling them (what ink smells good… don’t judge.) A book is something that took about 1700 years to get right.

Until the printing press books were precious -as was the knowledge they contained inside- they were crafted by scholars or monks whom pined over every sentence to make sure that what the wrote would stand the test of time. Then comes Guttenberg and his printing press whereby we were finally able to make knowledge cheap. There was no excuse for anyone not has a bible with them nor was there any room for ignorance. After this books became commonplace, every thinker, every politician even every journalist wrote down their thoughts and shared it with the world. And this is the key aspect of why I like hardcover books…. there sustainability. Nobody can take a book away from you; nobody can say you can’t read it anymore. A book you own is just that; Yours; In every way possible. You can pass it down through the ages.

I once bought a book from a new series and shared it with my friends after each person they each signed there name and by the end, the book had 15 signatures most of which from people I’ll never meet in my life. I was able to take something I love and share it with the world and my friends. I didn’t have to pass around a $200 e reader nor did I make everyone have to purchase the book. All I did was give them something that I loved so that they could love it too. Books are immortal and inscribe your immortality with-in them.

Why do we know Shakespeare’s work? Because they were written down, he has become immortal. He will be remembered until the day that we lose all our knowledge. There are numerous people like this in the world. They only live and survive because of the knowledge that they left behind. EBooks are too intangible, if you want youu can just delete a book…. a concept that to me is pure heresy. One should not be able to delete knowledge. Also if a publisher wants they can remove a book from an eBook site. They can truly ban a book. They can make it so that certain people aren’t privy to certain knowledge. This is the worst dystopia I can think of. So I urge my fellow bloggers please buy the book not the eBook. For a hardcover book is something nothing on the planet can take away from you unless you let them.

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2 Responses to Book vs Ebook

  1. KLSnyder22 says:

    Similar to this newspaper to blog shift, I am completely against the idea of an ebook. There is a clear distinction between a physical, hard copy of information and a cold, impersonal computerized edition. I pride myself in my book collection (even though I cannot bring myself to spend $25 on every single book I desire. Broke college student, right?), and I thoroughly enjoy deeply analyzing a text. The personal nature of a book–paperback and hard cover alike–can simply never be replaced.
    I don’t enjoy the overabundance of technology. I don’t want Shakespeare to be known as “that old guy on my Kindle.” I don’t know what I’m going to do when books are truly never printed again.

  2. foshosho says:

    This is a really interesting, poignant argument. I had a mild distrust of E-Books but wasn’t really sure why. Socrates took the ideas I was unable to articulate and put them up on the blog. The idea of a future without books is truly horrifying but the problem isn’t going away.
    My little cousin is in her first year of elementary school (1st grade) and they have classroom Kindles. I’ll repeat that. They do not have textbooks, they have classroom kindles. First, I would really like to know what kind of textbook a first-grader would need to be reading? Second, how is this a necessary improvement to their educational experience?
    This movement towards E-Books, technology based lectures, and online teaching sites (such as MasteringBiology, WebAssign, and the like) is intensifying with every year. It is a problem that will not disappear but needs to be addressed.