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This week featured a post that caught my eye.  It was a post by a guest author and current student studying journalism at New York University, Samantha Wilson.  Wilson’s blog was focused on firsthand advice for college transfer students.  This caught my eye, because as we enter the second half of our first semester in college, I have noticed reality is starting to catch up with some people.  The transfer student advice got me thinking about how many college students make it through their freshman year and return for their sophomore.  Midterm grades are here so we are forced to evaluate ourselves as students.  I have witnessed many withdrawl forms being filled out and plenty of students shocked by the unsatisfactory grade they have received.  On top of the academic pressure most of us are feeling, there is homesickness and financial struggles to consider too.

Wilson’s article gave me a sense of relief.  It reminded me that it is okay to change our minds, our majors, even our school.  We may feel locked into our decision, but really we have the option to do whatever we please.  In no way whatsoever am I suggesting you drop out of school, more so I am curious as to why college has become such a hard decision to stick with.  There are the obvious theories that come to mind, academic success has become more challenging and more expensive; but I believe it is more than that.  I believe we are being pressured too early on and this constant stress has put us in the entirely wrong mind set to make conclusive decisions because we always doubt ourselves.  Therefore once we arrive at the college of our choosing, a whole new reality sets in that it is no longer just a plan.  So I ask you, what you see within yourself and your peers as the biggest issue to overcome as a new student?

Check out Samantha Wilson’s post here ->>>

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  1. BIGmac says:

    College is like the moment when a bullet hits an air compressor, a time to burst free.

    It is true that I just wrote the worst and most generic simile in the history of blog writing, but it is true. The strenuous pressure that nearly all of the college students now at Pitt went through during high school was enormous. We all felt the need to get good grades to get to where we are now, college. We might have taken classes that were advanced or weighted classes, that we had little interest, just to make our applications “shine.” I know I did. But at college, education has changed completely.

    It is almost like a new dimension…learning because we have a passion or some other motivation to do so. No longer is it mandated action. That’s why college freshmen may be lost or confused with the college process. Now that we are out of the rigid high school system, we really do not know what to do with our new freedom. I believe the adaption of taking the courses we enjoy (apart from Gen. Eds.) or choosing the path that interests you is truly the underlying hurdle of college.

    So I ask you classmates, is education to you still the same thing that it was in high school? What are your motivations or how do you decide what to do (money, interest, fame, etc)?

  2. RL-13 says:

    “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. My mother reiterated the famous quote to me as she dropped me off on August 23rd 2011. As it has on numerous occasions before, I felt ready to spread my wings, meet new people, and fulfill my dreams here at the University of Pittsburgh. Sure, my mother is very supportive and always has outstanding advice that drives my enthusiasm for success and achievement. However, college can surely take its toll rather indiscriminately on any student at any time. The stresses are innumerable and so many are at the point of collapse. Amidst the mundane atmosphere of weekly academic routines however is a reassurance that there is more to life that simply being the perfect scholar. Wilson has hit the nail on its head with her analysis of transfer students, who in many ways share similarities with us freshman. Her ideas regarding the uncertainty of a solidified career path that lie within the minds of numerous undergrads, helps to exemplify the point that college is not here to destroy you. It is merely a four year process of planning, working towards, and finally achieving your deepest ambitions. Getting started is the difficult part.

    Our most debilitating issue right now as college students is finding the right path on which to embark for the rest of our lives. Pre-law, pre-med, engineering the roads upon which we can travel are plethoric. As we come to terms with reality through our various classes and tests on a weekly basis, the smoke should eventually clear, illuminating a solitary road ahead of us that entails our specific dreams and the tools with which we can achieve them. Once we reach this conclusion the world is ours for the taking, and we are the captains of our ships. So, not to worry, the semester will pan out as it should and regardless of your apprehensions now, four years later you may look back and reminisce upon the struggles and merely smile at how you overcame the obstacles to achieve your dreams.

  3. profvee says:

    Regina, this is a thoughtful and timely post! Indeed, the pressure is on all of your right now. I think that RL-13’s mom offered some great advice about doing the best you can. First semester freshman year is generally the lowest GPA of most students’ college careers, and that’s ok. For smart students like all of you, it’s hard to adjust to the increased workload, increased independence, financial pressures, social pressures, etc.

    But this is also an exciting time! You’ll always remember this semester. :)

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