When I found out this week that we would be having to you html, I was super confused. I thought “this is an English class, not a computer class!” I felt really uncomfortable with the idea. I mean, I haven’t worked with html since seventh grade! And when we were setting up our personal web space, and mine kept not working, a fire of hatred toward all technology ignited in my soul, despite the fact that it was actually me that was screwing things up, not the computer. As the people around me might have noticed from my grumbling, I was not a happy camper.

However, when my web space finally got started and I began to apply the html, my mind had a sudden change in gears. Many of the things that I had learned in seventh grade came flooding back to me. I remembered that I actually enjoyed fooling around with effects, transforming a plain piece of web space into something interesting and fun. I felt a rush of satisfaction when I successfully got a phrase to roll across the page using the “marquee” effect, and my success only made me want to pursue my options more. Now, I am honestly kind of excited about the task ahead!

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  1. iRush says:

    I agree, HTML or just programming in general can be very frustrating at times. I have done HTML and Java Programming over my high school years and I know the exact feeling. Sometimes I spend ten minutes typing up forty lines of codes hoping that I will get a video on the website but when I upload the files and look at it in the browser; I have dead link. At those moments, I simply feel like punching my computer screen and screaming at it. I yell at my computer, “WHY DON’T YOU JUST WORK?”. After getting my rage out, I go through the code again line by line. Then after another five minutes, I find out that I forgot a bracket in the middle of the program. As a programmer, I have been through these moments a lot but it doesn’t deter me from programming more. My first full size project was a website I designed for my school’s drama club (look at the link below). When I finished it, it was one of the best feelings a person can experience when programming. I feel accomplished and powerful. My hours of dedicated work behind the website feel worthwhile. And it is this feeling that helps me overcome my anger during those moments that I forget a bracket.

  2. Freudianslip says:

    You’ve just experienced the horror and euphoria of the computer science world. There is nothing quite like the anger and frustration you get when something that your working on (whether it be a website, general program, etc) just is not working the way you want it to, and there is nothing quite like the uplifting feeling of happiness of what feels like a hard won solution to what your working on (the feeling of pooling all of your knowledge together to get something to work). Those two feelings are the bread and butter of the comp sci world, and if you really liked what we are doing currently in html, I would suggest you try taking an intro into programming course-I feel like that you might enjoy it immensely. I know for a fact that there is at least one web design course here at pitt and it might open up some doors to you that you never thought possible. Just food for thought.

  3. Barold says:

    Computers are always a love hate relationship, within ten minutes you can go from how did I ever live without them, to wanting to chuck it out the window. As a computer science major this happens about twice a day. The larger the problem you have with your computer or code the greater satisfaction you feel when you are able to resolve your problem. However the more you know about something the more frustrated you get when you are unable to fix the problem. I think this idea of having a problem and not giving up on how to fix it is one of the ideas behind making. The satisfaction from having a problem and fixing it yourself is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The problem solving logic in fixing computers and code is a great skill to have because it can be applied to almost anything. Some advice that a teacher gave me when leaving high school was pick a thing that is completely unrelated to you major and get involved with it that way for those moments you inevitably hate your major you have something fun to do. Your thing could be web design. Also this chart will help massively with computer problems

  4. ajosephs says:

    I personally have to respectfully disagree with your last statement. I am not a tech-savy person in any sense of the word. I always have a lot of trouble with figuring out what to do for internet-based projects, and this one is no different. For me at least, all of this HTML and Java programming talk sounds like gibberish. However, I feel that through this class I will really be able to learn how to use a computer and the internet in a more modern way, helping me in my future. I understand that the computer and the internet is the future, but for me in particular, it all just seems like nonsense. I hope that I can learn to enjoy it like you think you will throughout the semester, but I just do not get nor enjoy computer talk.

  5. hikari says:

    I for one don’t need html to make me want to throw my computer. lol
    Personally, I’m super excited to start learning about html. I mostly had no idea what expect, but I think it’s a really cool skill to have. I was actually really excited for class this past week since I would be learning about something I know nothing about, and I wasn’t disappointed. I found out that if you use the properties bar on the right side of DreamWeaver, you can do all sorts of stuff without to much screwing around. It makes it really fun and easy to customize what you’ve done to your hearts content. I’ve done some basic BBCode (another kind of source, some websites run BBC instead of html). I’m looking forward to seeing how far we take it.

    I went down to the Cathedral today for some help and I highly recommend going if you’re having trouble. Also, did anyone notice you can edit blog posts in WordPress in html? And there’s a box below the comment box you can use too.

  6. profvee says:

    This is a fabulous discussion! Thanks for getting it started, bennydog15.

    I agree with all of the previous posters about the frustration inherent in doing work on the computer. I got pretty good at it just from hours and hours and hours and many many many late nights of messing around with it. And lots and lots of frustration.

    The problem, as iRush suggests, is that the computer is really, really picky. If you’re missing just one tiny bracket in your code, the whole thing can be broken. Writing doesn’t work that way: I still understand what you’re saying when you have a misused semicolon. I think of the computer as both really smart and really dumb. :)

    And yes, hikari! Everyone should start using the stuff html attributes on the WordPress site! :)