I Want to be a Maker for Halloween

For those of you that have just started browsing instructibles you picked the best time of year. Halloween is the holiday for makers and around this time of year Maker oriented sites or overflowing with cool and creative content. Halloween is a holiday where everyone gets to be a maker. Some people go to the extreme and some stay easy but they all get in the spirit. I when I think of making on Halloween two major examples come to mind. In high school I had a friend who’s dad would always take off the two days before Halloween and get the house ready. He would meticulously plot every detail of the house, and enlist all his son’s friends to help so he could achieve perfection. He worked all month for that one night. This year as Halloween approached many people on my floor had no idea what they wanted to be. We decided to go to goodwill as a floor to see what we could find. We had four of us in the group so our two ideas were the news team for Anchorman or the Wolfpack form the Hangover due to a lack of suits at goodwill we picked the Wolfpack. We bought what we needed at goodwill, but the costume was far from over. We spent the next week perfecting our costumes and building little props.  As I looked around on Halloween weekend I saw a lot of creative and homemade costumes that beat many of the store bought costumes. So next year be a maker for Halloween.

My Wolfpack


My Friends Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer


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4 Responses to I Want to be a Maker for Halloween

  1. marsonze says:

    The instructibles website throughout October is extremely interesting to look through. The costumes ideas range from simple to incredibly complex, as you showed. I thought the camera costume that actually took pictures was astounding. The giraffe costume was also interesting. It was especially convenient because of how the woman who made it took the reader step by step through every piece that she made. This maker even had a list of every item purchased, which could also be helpful. What makes instructibles so convenient is the step-by-step process that they take you through, no matter how simple or complex. Ironically, the camera costume had less instructions than the giraffe costume, even though the camera would be much more complicated.

    I loved your satchel; it is a necessity in order to give the full Alan effect. I think what makes it Halloween fun for me is making my costume. Similar to your friend’s dad, I take a month to create it even though I will only be wearing the costume for one night. However, when you make something like a costume, it makes the event even more fun. You can be proud of what you created and you can show it off to everyone you’re with on Halloween.

  2. Anky says:

    Being a maker is being an innovator. Taking what you have or can rummage together and make it truly remarkable. In your case, Barold, you took that to the next level. From the graphic tee to the infamous “satchel,” you captured the essence of Allen. As for your friends, the rest of the Wolfpack, they as well did some quality work.

    What it boils down to is that anyone can be a maker. And more particularly, everyone has the resources to be a maker. Some may have went to the costume store and bought a pre made outfit, however, some went to thrift shops, goodwills, and salvation army’s and individually personalized their respective costumes.

    Whether it is Halloween, or it for a school project, we have the resources to be a maker. And those who utilize their resources to their benefit can impact the world regardless of the topic they choose to delve in to. Personally, I did buy a costume from a Halloween store (Charlie Brown), however I also made another costume from clothing I had and a few materials I was able to obtain.

    We have the resources to be a maker – so why not be one?

  3. KLSnyder22 says:

    What could be a more perfect time to be a maker than Halloween. Whether its throwing a manpurse over your shoulder or wiring an entire robotic costume, one’s creativity can surface when there are no inhibitions of being judged. Since everyone dresses up for halloween, there is no anxiety about failing. Which there shouldn’t be in the firstplace, and this notion extends past the spooky holiday.

    Any hand made project tends to be more effective than those mass produced in a factory. In an environment this vast, the only way to be unique is to make something yourself. In that respect, your wolfpack looks fantastic, but I think the Anchorman gang would have been even more awesome. Great idea for a group, though! Good job!

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