The Whole Enchilada

Recently I stumbled upon the jackpot, the mother load, the whole enchilada: Not only is it a blog site, but a maker’s field day as well. The amount of time I spent on this website could be a large factor in why I did not complete this blog post yesterday or read for my other classes *guilty*. The way the site is set up is easily navigable and intriguing. A beautiful and high quality picture is consistently used for every blog post, despite many different bloggers posting. I wish I had found this a week earlier when we were writing our blog portfolios, but I still couldn’t resist sharing!

The selling point for me when it comes to mymodernmet is how unique and original all of the projects are. Ranging from a group of guys taking a highrope across the world and performing ridiculous stunts (I Believe I Can Fly), to a museum where the visitors can climb around on orb-like bubbles (Lying on a Giant Bubble), to creative Steve Jobs t-shirts in which the profits go towards pancreatic cancer research (Steve Jobs Homage T-Shirts). I really could keep posting links here but I’m encouraging everyone to spend a decent amount of time exploring on your own.

Not only is it interesting but I also think that it captures in essence what a maker truly is and what Cory Doctrow was saying about the future of jobs! The cloud museum reminded me of our journey to Assemble, where Nina explained that pretty much they do ridiculous and awesome things that the average Joe (ie; 9-5 worker) would not do. Mundane objects and topics are used to create something new and exciting. I don’t know about everyone else but I’d pay a decent amount to go climb around on bubbles all day!

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  1. profvee says:

    Wow, great site, EL7! Thanks for sharing it.

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