Hack Pittsburgh

Typically, I couldn’t care less about circuits and technology, to be honest, it is so over my head that I can’t even pay attention, however, Make Pittsburgh took something that I saw as so obscure and made it into something I could understand.

The 3D printer was probably the most interesting part of the trip for me. At first i thought it was a printer that printed images that looked 3D, then I thought it actually created an object, so watching it create the mustache ring was something that had a significant impact. I actually stared at it for 5 minutes in totally confusion before I understood what was going on.

Besides my utter confusion at the use of technology, I really did learn a lot from Hack Pittsburgh, apparently I am a pro solderer; which is pretty exciting. Also, I learned that innovations do not only happen in companies and large scale movements, but also in small groups, coming together to do things they love. Their use of their experiences in jobs and school inspired me to use more of my experience in my writing. While most of the time writing is like pulling teeth for me, when I write about things u genuinely car about, it gives me more motivation.

Another thing I learned from Hack Pittsburgh is to innovate, and think outside the box, from using a power wheels to make a stretch limo to making a “ray of death” out of a trash can, the members are far from ordinary. The idea of making something from nothing lends itself well to pulling a rough draft out of thin air, which is innovating in a different way.


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