The Open Road vs. The Steel City

I came home for thanksgiving Friday morning, and this extended break is extremely necessary. I’m sure all of you are feeling the same way, even if you’re still cramming in your dorm room right now. It’s so weird driving around in my small town known for Utz potato chips and Snyder’s pretzels (no relation, unfortunately). This town is tiny, and it’s hard to even decide where I want to go out to eat dinner. It’s also really odd driving again. I haven’t touched my car keys since August 22, and now I’m driving every day once again. On my schedule. Without a creepy bus driver.

I love Pittsburgh, and I love city life, but it is so refreshing to be in a familiar, safe area. I showered without shoes on, and I slept in my same bed. Not to mention cooking food myself–man, it makes Market Central seem terrible! There is nothing like home cooked food, as everyone will experience in just a few days. 

One of the biggest things I’ve realized about being on my own in the city is how important college really is, as well as how we are each living in a special privilege every day. I went to Olive Garden with one of my good friends for lunch, and we recognized one girl that graduated with us. She is staying in Hanover, working a nearly minimum wage job, with no ambition for the future. Some people live like this and live completely self-satisfying jobs. But the amount I’ve learned already in college is amazing. I feel more educated, and it’s only been three months. It’s such an honor to me to be able to work for my future, as cliche as this sounds. I’m just not the kind of person that would be satisfied remaining in my home town for the rest of my life (not that there is anything wrong with this).

Anyway, everyone take these couple days to relax and eat lots of yummy food! I’ll be preparing a Tofurky–proving my varied making ability to my family. I’ve already cooked dinner and dessert, and I went to a GIANT craft store called Hobby Lobby–drooling over the making possibilities. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes for their project! Happy Thanksgiving!

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4 Responses to The Open Road vs. The Steel City

  1. Barold says:

    When I got home for the break it was supper strange not being in Pittsburgh. When I got home Monday the first thing I did was drive to a friend’s house on my way there I was so happy to be driving again the feel of the road and listening to my favorite radio station. I remembered how much I love to drive. The next day I was driving home on I95 in the rain moving about 5 miles per hour I realized that driving is not as great as a remember it. Earlier today I needed to pick something up at the drug store and realized that a could not just walk to the rite aid on Forbes but was going to have to get in my car and drive over the next town. I talked to some of my friends who go to school in small towns about how it was to come home and they all said that they don’t have the same problems I do. When I describe Pittsburgh and all the different places they wish they went to school in a city. Being home this week I realized that I love my city life but small town life is good too.

  2. iRush says:

    Going home was the one of the best feelings ever. In the beginning, I was affair that everything would be awkward. The house did feel weird for a while when I first got back but after a while, it felt just like the old days. My family felt as comfortable to be around as before, but that feeling wasn’t the same when I went to visit my old teachers in my high school. I first walked in and saw one of my best teachers, I simply blanked out. I didn’t know what to say until he started talking. Once we started the conversation, we talked for almost an hour. The feeling of uneasy just went away as soon as I realized that my teacher was the same teacher I used to talk to everyday before class. Slowly the old feeling of school started coming back to me over time.

    But after thinking about it for a while, I realized that I miss the good old days of walking into school at 7 in the morning every day, smelling the cow poop on the way to school and the looking at greenery all around me. I failed to recognize that coming to college changed my life so much. I started living in a very cramped room compared to what my house in Lancaster. Life took a big spin which I didn’t recognize until now.

  3. RL-13 says:

    As I returned home for Thanksgiving this past Tuesday, I too could not help but bask in the comfort and warmth of my home. Although I reside in the suburbs of Pittsburgh merely 20 minutes away from my dorm, the insurmountable feelings of homeliness that are rather omnipresent in my house help me feel rejuvenated and ready for the busy weeks ahead.

    The comforts are plethoric, a CLEAN shower and sink, fresh homemade food, a comfortable bed to sleep in, and most importantly peace and quiet from the consistent drones of helicopters, sirens and traffic when I am working. Sure my house does not have all the amenities like the library does to help foster my research or studying, but it certainly entails many key components of a pleasurable lifestyle.

    Nevertheless, college has truly helped me to grow up as an individual. The advent of doing my own laundry, taking care of my dietary needs, and keeping tack of my homework, tests, and projects, have all contributed to a certain amount of maturity in the last 3 months. It is truly amazing what such a short amount of time spent in dormitory-style living on campus can cause within an individual.

    Thus, this break was long awaited and certainly beneficial. It allowed me to nostalgically reminisce about my high school years and beyond, catch up with friends, and dream about the future. Most of all however, it helped me to realize that there is truly no place like home.

  4. hikari says:

    I know what you mean about seeing someone you knew from high school working a normal job. I know I could never do it either, I just like being in a learning environment too much. Being at college has the best thing ever for me. There are problems at home for me that I won’t get into, but they used to give me severe anxiety attacks. Since I’ve been at college, I’ve only had one of these attacks. That being said, I only live about 25 minutes away from Pitt, and I go home rather frequently, so my home life and my college life feel like 2 separate lives, but for different reasons than most people here.
    I also visited my old high school this past week. While I still more or less hate that school, I always loved my teachers, they were the one thing that made that school great. Surprisingly, I didn’t have as much to talk about as I thought I would, granted I arrived at 1:30, so classes were still in session. I didn’t get to see my favorite teacher though! She wasn’t there… ;A; I miss them a lot, and I miss having those close relationships with my teachers. I have a few small classes now, this one included, but I knew my teachers at high school for at least 2 years; they are like friends to me.
    But it was nice to be home, especially since we had a new family member with us this Thanksgiving! =D