Final Blog Portfolio

Final Blog Portfolio


1. Showcase of my best blog posts and comments


I believe my best blog post was


I believe my next best post was


I believe my best comment was



2. Reflection on my blog posts and “making” online


I believe that these posts are my strongest because I analyzed presented information and used outside links or sources to support my claims. I believe these added links and videos gave the posts more dimension and added interest; I used different media to make the post more engaging. At the end of each post I posed a relevant question for my readers to answer and debate in the comments, or I asked for my readers’ individual opinions or thoughts. An example of this is seen in my post “We Are Makers” where I used a video to explain a point and then explained my opinions on things said in the video. I ended by asking others to share their thoughts on the video in the comments.

I think, however, that I could have provided more links or pictures to add even more different forms of media to my posts, and included more opinions from around the web to get my point across more cohesively. I also could have written longer, more in-depth analyses based off of these links or sources, incorporating more current news sources, video, pictures, etc. from around the web.

I do honestly believe I have made progress in blogging since the midterm blog portfolio. In my midterm portfolio, I expressed wanting to use more media from around the web to add to my posts. Although I think I could still use more, I did make strides in incorporating these things into my posts since, as in the post containing the We Are Makers video. I also expressed wanting to make my posts more appealing to others, and have them read and interpreted as more than someone doing it only because they had to for a class. I think I improved most on this front by taking my posts to another level and writing about subjects that interested me personally with genuine enthusiasm. I hope that this sentiment could be felt when reading my posts, and it is another thing I can continue to work on further in the future.

Blogs like this one are very important to the making community. Communicating amongst peers is a pivotal part of sharing and contributing ideas and techniques – which is at the core of making. Making involves learning from others and also teaching them as well, which can be done conveniently and on a worldwide scale using blogs and open forums online. Writing ideas and opinions openly on Internet blogs is what keeps makers moving and creating; different procedures can be learned for free so that new concepts can be easily imagined and become reality. Websites like, where makers can go and post online tutorials and step-by-step directions, are perfect examples of this concept; making depends on this free sharing and without it no one would have access to many valuable resources. On our blog, the comments section represented a place like this, where we could share our thoughts freely with one another and learn from each other along the way. The making community has started thriving because of the resources provided by the Internet’s open communication spaces that open up learning to a worldwide audience.

These blogs, in this way, have given me a way to communicate with my peers over the Internet and incorporate different forms of media into reporting a subject in current times. I, overall, think I responded to the task very diligently and well, learned a lot, and look forward to improving on my faults further in future work.

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