Final Blog Portfolio

Section 1

My best post I Want to be a Maker for Halloween

My best comment was on the HTML post

My next best post finals are coming

Section 2

One of the main things I have learned from this class is that the lower the word count is for an assignment the harder it is to write that assignment. After constantly writing 1,500 to 3,000 word papers in High School, I was happy about the transition to what I thought were easy 300 word blog posts. I was wrong. The challenge I found with most blog posts was getting my point across in a few concise words. The original draft for my post “the new way to get the news” had a 100 word paragraph about the effects of different screen types of e-readers. While this is an interesting topic, it has little to do with my post, so it had to be cut. I think the posts and comments that I have chosen as my best represent the times I was able to clearly get my point across and spark conversation. I liked the HTML, and “finals are coming” posts because they both have a large amount of conversation. In the “Finals are Coming” post I sparked the conversation, and in the HTML I gave my input in ab ongoing discussion. I have always been very web and programing oriented, and it was very interesting to exchange ideas with people who had completely different viewpoints from mine about the coding process. I could have improved on these posts with outside sources to reference my point. The posts also could have benefited from more of the formatting tools wordpress provides.
This free exchange of ideas is what I think makes the Blog and Maker movement so great. People from all over the world are helping each other through the Internet. In the Maker Halloween post, I also was able to utilize the blog tools of inline images and links. I noticed after the midterm and our intro to HTML class, most of us started to use the tools that wordpress provides. The blog and class have helped me evolve as a maker. I have read different blogs and instructibles posts for many years but have never thought about posting to them. I just never saw a point in adding my voice to the conversation, but after experiencing what it was like in the small sandbox of the class blog, I realized it was pretty fun to join in the conversation. What I have learned from the blog experience is that since our class only meets once a week, it was a great for us to talk out of class and practice our writing skills. I would also like to note that is was a great experience looking back over the blog to locate these posts and see how far our class has come.


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