Final Blog Post

Final Blog Portfolio

Section 1:

My Best Post:Crafting? Or Making”- This draws on a more personal style I wanted to work on after the midterm portfolio. It also gives a strong opinion on the maker movement and its place in the world, something that I feel has significance moving into the future and I wanted to inject more of my own opinions and feelings.

My Best Comment: My comment on “Scandalous Seaworld” written by Erin was my favorite. I think that I voiced my opinion, and a comment is meant to do that. In the beginning of the year, I would not directly respond to the bog post as well as I responded to that one.

My Second-best Post:Hack Pittsburgh”- I think that personal blogs should involve a lot of discussion and telling of a story. I took this post as almost a review of my time there. Again I worked on adding a stronger personal flair, and giving simply an opinion rather than facts. I think that strengthens the post and makes it more influential to readers. It helps them think of Hack Pittsburgh the way that I did.

Section 2: Reflection

In my blogging, I try to utilize these ideas by speaking with a more personal style than I usually use in my writing. Many times I draw inspiration from a blog written by my boss at work, and from a fashion blog with a unique flair. My manager’s is a Phillies blog, “Phanatic addict,” but I feel that the style he uses gets his personality across well. To me, he makes the blog about his opinion while still leaving discussion open for others, and presenting the facts in an interesting way. I strive to write a blog that will be as interesting, informative, and narrative as his can be. The fashion blog is pretty, pictures of designer clothing and trendy pieces are going to be. However, Leandra Medina, the author of “The Man Repeller” makes her blog more than a topical site. She is comical, informative, reflective and “cool.” Her blogging inspires me to lighten the mood in my posting.

Throughout the year, my blogging style has progressed; during the midterm blog portfolios, I wanted to increase my personality in my writing, make my posts more interesting to read, and overall tell a story more. I accomplished this by writing about personal experience, commenting about personal beliefs, to including elements like links and pictures into my work. However, I think that in blogging, people need to watch how they say things, though it may not be as exciting to read an informative piece, I would not ignore the facts simply to strengthen my opinion. While we did not have to write pieces that were particularly controversial or that would inspire such tactics, I like to think that if I were to write my own blog now, I could get the facts across to the readers, even those that do not support my views.

As I became more comfortable with blogging, and publishing my feelings and experiences for basically the whole world to see, I realized what an impact it had on how I looked at the posting. Instead of looking at it like a paper that I had little to no personal connection to, I became attached to my posts. The represent me, and how I observed the world around me.

I think that the personal observation and reaction to the world is what makes blogging a form of making. Instead of passively reporting details. Bloggers from any site work to create their own opinions, and comment on the world around them. While they are not physically making an object, their piece of writing is a “thing” in itself. They hack their own world by commentary. By getting their opinion onto the web, millions of people can read their opinion, and develop their own. The great thing about blogging is that it allows for commenting, where readers can “make” themselves. Because they add to the world’s knowledge and opinions, they are participating, and inspiring development in the world around them. Literally becoming “makers” of change.



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