Final Blog!

2. Reflection

Through this class I have watched my writing change drastically.  All the rules that had been drilled into my brain for years flew out the window.  Writing became more than just trying to reword sentences the best possible way so there are no linking verbs.  Writing was given a greater purpose for the first time; to not just write for a teacher, but a true audience.  Blogging was the perfect opportunity to exercise this skill.  At first, I was not all that thrilled about the idea of blogging to say the least, but it ended up opening my eyes to what blogging is all about.  Going back through my blogs and comments I had no idea how much writing I had been doing, which is a huge accomplishment for me.

I chose my best blogs and comments because I feel they are easy to relate to, well written, and included outside sources of media.  Through these blogging assignments I have been opened up to other blogs and noticed these elements are a common theme in the ones I enjoy most.  I believe a good blog should be easy to read and act as a pathway to new knowledge and ideas.  I like to think my blogs and comments did just that for someone.  That the links I posted led them to new sites to explore and enjoy.  For instance, the inspiration for my blog post, “Decisions, Decisions,” was from a blog I discovered during this course.  Hopefully my blog led someone else to Rebecca Ruizs blog just as I was.  If anything, I would want my blogs to incorporate these ideas even more.  I wish I would have spent more time researching more in depth for my posts, and maybe added some pictures to catch the reader’s attention.

I think the internet is heavily relied on by the maker movement, and through blogging I have gained a slightly stronger connection to making.  The internet used to have a negative stigma attached to it for me of purely being a distraction.  Blogging has opened up the internet, allowing more avenues to explore different ideas.  Sites like Instructables give people easy access to learn about and participate in the maker movement.  By writing on the internet myself, and now knowing where to find all the new happenings in the maker world, I feel more connected with society and like I have a greater use for the internet.

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