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Blog Post #1 – The Whole Enchilada

Blog Post #2 – Occupy Wall Street

Blog Comment – Adam Grosser

The most challenging problem I find when it comes to blogging is picking a topic to write about. Since I’ve been at college I seem to have writer’s block twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. When Monday rolls around and it’s group one’s turn to blog, I freeze. What topics are controversial, something I’m interested in, and something that someone else would be interested in as well? How about neuroscience? Could I write about the Holocaust? The only things I read while at college are lecture notes or the hundreds of pages of reading assigned by my professor. I should definitely stay more aware and keep up with what’s happening around the world. I feel like I would be a much better communicator if I developed posts that were about controversial recent topics or news stories. The vast world of the internet is constantly moving forward, and I need to do this as well. My comment about Adam Grosser’s portable refrigeration system reflects this, but I would like to incorporate this into my regular posts. The Whole Enchilada is about a current website that displays recent and innovate projects, but it’s not really controversial. I’d love to start a good argument.

As a whole I am pleased with the progress that I’ve made on my posts and comments from my midterm portfolio until now. I vowed that I would include pictures, links and videos and this is exactly what I did! Also, I believe that when displaying your opinion on the internet, you must maintain your voice so that people know where you’re being sarcastic, angry, or even just plain happy about something. I do this by trying to type exactly what I’m thinking in my head. While you still have to keep it somewhat professional, blogging is a completely different style of writing. The Whole Enchilada is more of a free spirit writing whereas Occupy Wall Street is a more serious and political tone. I’m going to strive to combine the two to create the master of all blog posts!

There’s one problem with my last point: Cory Doctrow seems to have already achieved this on his blog. Cory Doctrow is a maker and his blog reflects this! Like I said previously, blogging is a different style of writing. You need to incorporate your own voice, while making it interesting enough to occupy someone else’s attention as well! These two things are SO CRUCIAL when it comes to the internet. Anyone can post about anything that they want: this makes competition feisty. You must stand out because you’re competing against millions of other people across the world to be heard.

Making, Hacking and Composing has certainly enhanced my making abilities and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you all!

That’s All Folks!

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