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So, after a whole semester of blogging, I feel I am officially a blogger. Through the Final Project for this class I ventured into writing my own blog and loved it equally as much as this blog. However, this blog is where I got my start. I fell in love with the ability to write as I pleased. No restraint as long as my opinion was coherent and clear. It was a space where I could get into an argument about science or debate the politics of the day, and frankly I’m going to miss it a lot. But I am by no means ready to make my own “Professional” Blog. I still have amateur spelling and grammar errors, I have the tendency to rant and go off on tangents, as well as a host of others issues with my writing. But if we compare some of my older posts to the new ones we see something completely different. My eloquence changed, I stopped typing like a high school student and began writing as a college student. Common words and colloquial phrases have all gone out the window.  I also believe that I dropped some of the antagonism that I had towards those who had opposing beliefs to my own. My emotions tended to get clouded by my “need to be right” complex. This is still a short coming of mine and it comes out in my comments on peoples posts. This is something that I will work on more as college goes on.

My posts this semester have been more about what we did as a class and less about political topics. All of these discussions have been just my thoughts about the lessons that we have had in class. Being a maker was the crux of our studies this semester and has influenced all of my posts and has guided my thoughts for the whole semester. In the end I would like to thank you, Dr. Vee for allowing us to use your blog as a free and open space for our ideas. It has been wonderful to have this taste of freedom and I hope to blog and comment more and more as I get older. I truly see it as a great means of news and communication in the future to come.


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