Mid-term blog portfolio

I know this is very late in coming, but here is my midterm blog portfolio.


For my blogger, I picked Pamela Roland, who is the professor of plant pathology at the University of California. There she studies the role that genes play in the way that plants react to their environments.  Her blog, that is called Tomorrow’s Table, focuses on the importance of genetics and how the field has been advancing in the current years.

Roland writes in an informative manner. She starts each post with how a brief overview of the topic that she is covering. Although her writing style varies with each post-some are written as stories, while others are written as though it is an informative paper-Roland keeps an overtone of informative speech. Every one of her posts, while keeping to her general topic, goes about like a research paper. It moves from one nugget of information to the next, with a certain flow that comes with years of experience in her field. Her recent posts not only focus on plant genetics, but the behaviors of genes as a whole. Much an academic paper, she cites every one of her statements, giving links to the different papers or other sources of media from which she pulls her facts. These links allow the reader to have a wider understanding of the topic than is reported in her posts, allowing those who peruse her blog the chance at a better understanding of the topics she undertakes.

Realizing that academic papers are dry and boring, Roland enlists the help of pictures and creative methods with which she enlivens the information. The ends of her posts fulfill a two-fold purpose. On one hand, they give credit to the discovers of the information, noting the apporiate papers from which her research stems, but sometimes they also pose questions of the possibilities which further research can extend.


My best post: http://www.annettevee.com/fall2011_fp0003/2011/09/22/life-without-the-fix/

My best comment: http://www.annettevee.com/fall2011_fp0003/2011/10/02/how-long-should-we-live/

My second best post:  http://www.annettevee.com/fall2011_fp0003/2011/09/03/finally-seeing-the-light/


As I reread my earliest blog posts, I see the change that I, like most of my classmates, went through as we became more accomplished writers and bloggers. Early on, the writing in my posts was short and mostly not entertaining. They were filled fully with opinion and were structured purely as my mind worked. Through the clever guidance of Dr. Vee, with helpful suggestions from my classmates, the complexity of my writing grew. While the ideas still came from desperation (I’m not a natural blogger), they began to coalesce into something more than just the ramblings that they previously where.

As my posts on the blog itself are very few, I can see my greatest improvement through the thought and sentence structure of my responses.  My largest growth in my posts, evolved from comments. What began as just the opinions of one person began to grow. I began to cite sources from our readings and my own knowledge and tie that together with my personal experiences, as seen in life without the fix. As much as I have grown, however, my ability to draw in readers is still very lacking. My ability to grab and hold the attention of the viewers is very poor, and as such, it leads to very bland blog posts. This is my greatest weakness, and the downfall in my blog writing abilities. My greatest strength is the complexity of the thoughts that I blog about and my writing style in general, which can be seen as my sole redeeming factor when you look at my blogging. On the whole, since the beginning of the blog my writing as improved immensely, both in structure and idea and although my work is not perfect, I’ll keep working harder until it is.

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