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Bi-Polar or Bi-Winning?

I'm sure all of you have seen some of Charlie Sheen's rants all over the internet and television. I think its pretty safe to say that Sheen definitely has some kind of substance abuse problem and/or some sort of mental problem. Nearly every news anchor to public figure has voiced their opinion on his latest antics either on T.V. or Youtube. And, he one the most followed celebrities on Twitter. What I want to know is how do you think technology has shaped society's view of Charlie Sheen. Do you think the fact that Twitter has given people to ability to follow everything Sheen posts has made things better or worse for him. Also, do you think Sheen is as crazy as he has been acting or do you think he just putting on a big act for attention? And how have things like Twitter, Youtube, and television helped in people shaping an opinion of him?

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  1. Charlie Sheen is brilliant, crazy yes oh dear god yes, but still brilliant. The man is impressive for being so popular, well known, and generally well liked. His popularity was before his well publicized…meltdown is the wrong word, because it wasn’t. A meltdown implies chaos, unpredictability, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, reality tv stars. Whaat happened to Charlie Sheen wasn’t chaotic in fact it wasn’t all that surprising. The man has behaved the same way through out his entire life, he understands how the audience taste changes. This man comes from a long line of well-known actors, some famous (dad Martin Sheen), some cult famous (The Estevez, literally all of them). This is the man who was in the classics Repo Man, Wall Street, Platoon, Scary Movie. Those movie choices are bizarre simply because of how radically different tones in each movie, most actors can’t pull that off. Robin Williams’s is a great comedic actor, but terrible in Bicentennial Man (what a god awful movie, sold the audience that Robin Williams was a cooky robot trying to fit in, turned out to be a two hour snore fest about the eventuality of death) and Insomnia (I didn’t have much trouble sleeping). Charlie Sheen was not able to pull them off, but there was barely any time between action movies to John Hughes movie.
    Charlie Sheens behavior has never changed, has never been well kept under wraps, simply put people just didn’t care to know what was going on with the protagonist of Platoon. The only reason his behavior is getting noticed is because it impacts people’s ability to watch TV. Sheen going to rehab means people can’t watch their CBS Monday line up (How I met your mother, Two and a Half Men, Big shit storm, and CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI Florida Keys [my favorite was the murder weapon was the dentures]) Then people were shocked how Charlie Sheen reacted when producers decide to cancel his show. People were depressed when they found a man upset and desperate to keep his job he would go through extreme lengths. Sheen’s a human being he responds to situations like the rest of us. It’s not shocking that he went a little crazy so of course he fell a little in public opinion, but here’s the part I love.
    Following his fall Charlie Sheen had one of the most badass recoveries known to man, I attributed that to the Internet and the culture we live in. Some celebrities when they fall from the public grace keep falling, and find trouble getting back, Kanye West for example. Mr. West jumped up on stage during the MTV movie awards and behaved rather assholish. It seemed people would hate Kanye West, but he recovered, not as quickly as Sheen did. No, Kanye West had to release one of the best album made in the decade. Sheen on the other hand turned his negative publicity in to success almost immediately. The key was that he accepted it. People thought he was crazy so he agreed, he continued to be crazy and people loved it. It was like the golden rule in improves, You never say no. Charlie Sheen did that, he just ran with it and won.

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