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The Death of Itunes?

Technology is always changing and sometimes we may not like the changes that are occurring with it. After watching a video on I have come to the conclusion that i am not in favor of this new technological change they say is going to occur in the music business. The video was titled "Death of the Radio." From the title you can pretty much guess what the video is about, yes, radio as we know it, ending.

That would mean no more "terrestrial" radio or satellite radio, instead we would control our own radio by pretty much paying a fee every month to have access to these songs. This type of radio is called streaming radio and a service like Pandora is an example of it. The anaylst says that he thinks this new form of radio will diminish the use of such services like ITunes where we download any particular song we want and we own it. His idea is that we would pay a monthly fee to "rent" the music by paying for a service like Pandora.

Today we have gotten used to downloading the songs that we want and owning them ourselves, but what if that idea of purchasing our own music diminished just like the use of cassette tapes or even CDs? If this change were to occur in the music industry would you switch to listening to streaming radio or continue to buy your own individual songs on Itunes? Do you think that this switch to streaming radio would diminish services like Itunes? And do you think that this form of radio is more convenient than services like Sirius Radio and do you think that this form of radio will soon be the only type of radio available in cars?

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  1. Pandora and other types of internet radio are indeed on the rise. But, I think it’s too early to say that it will completely replace iTunes. Nothing beats being able to make playlists of exactly the songs you love, and as of now Pandora is unable to offer that to their customers. I see Pandora as a way to find new music that is similar to what you listen to. Recently, iTunes has even added the “Genius” feature that scans all of the songs in your playlist and gives you a list of songs that might also interest you. This is essentially the same thing as Pandora, just not as quick and easy to use.

    Don’t get me wrong, Pandora also has its advantages as well. It’s by, far the most convenient way to listen to your favorite types of music, and artists. There is now searching the web for music, trying to remember to names of songs, or having to risk getting a virus by downloading your music illegally. The only fall back I see with Pandora is its inability to play you the exact song you are looking for exactly when you search for it. This is the key to why I believe Pandora will not replace iTunes because iTunes gives you the ability to play exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. Even though getting the songs on to your iTunes is a little more complicated than Pandora, it encompasses society’s love for immediate gratification

  2. The radio is going to fail because it doesn’t give people that instant gratification, and that sense of control they want. A person wants to be able to pick what songs he or she listens to without being told that there are restrictions. People generally hate being told that the exact song they want is unable to play. The purpose of the radio is for artists to be able to get their song to the public, and for the audience to give feedback on the song, to promote record sells. Some people do not like that. I for one am against anything that plays Cee- Lo Green’s “Fuck You” right after playing anything by generic trash pop artists: Kathy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kesha, Rebecca Black. Which is why Pandora and streaming radio is so enticing; it allows us to tailor the radio. Essentially streaming radio services allow us to exert some control so we don’t have to listen to songs which we think suck. The problem with streaming services is they still have to follow rules. ITunes doesn’t have to follow many rules.

    That sense of immediate satisfaction is exactly why ITunes cannot fail. People don’t like thinking in the long term, they are very oriented on getting back what they want immediately. Pandora is too restricted, there are too many rules its too close to the radio albeit with a little more control. Much like streaming video sites like Hulu and Netflix, when people pay they want to be able to watch what they would like to watch when they want, a restriction many people have with streaming radio is that they can only tailor categories. ITunes removes this allowing the user to watch, listen, view what they want when they want whenever they would like, little to no restrictions.

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