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My Last Post!

1.) Posts

Bi-Polar or Bi-Winning? Post

Virtual Reality Vs Holograms Comment

The Death of Itunes? Comment

Blind Driver? Post

Technology in the Classrooms Comment

Limits of Technology Comment

2.) Reflection

I never thought that I would see blogging as such an effective way to communicate. Before this class I did not have the slightest clue of what blogging entailed, and now I feel as if blogging is one of the easiest ways to share and collaborate ideas. I was never fond of writing, mainly because of all the rules and styles that were taught to me all through high school. I soon came to realize though that blogging is different than all of the types of writing that I was exposed to. It was more laid back style of writing and this is why I preferred blogging over other writing styles.

As I read over my recent blog posts I have noticed a few changes in my blogging styles. Firstly i have noticed to clearly and logically organize my idea's has improved. I feel the "Bi-Polar or Bi-Winning?" post best exemplifies this. Although this is one of my shorter posts, the questions that I asked gave the reader many question to answer. I feel that each question that I asked was well written and each question asked directly related to the ideas I was attempting to portray. The video I included in the post gave the reader more than enough information to answer the questions I asked. Although i still feel that my organizational skills has room to improve, I feel that I have greatly improved in this are over the course of the semester.

I mentioned in my Midterm portfolio that I need to respond to posts with much more depth, instead of simply answering the questions asked in the post. I found this much harder to accomplish than I thought during the second half of the semester. In my comment on the "Death to iTunes" post I feel that I portrayed my opinion very well and brought up some new ideas as well. However, the depth of the comment was not very strong and has much room for improvement. I feel that focused more on this in my “Technology in the Class” comment, where I gave a very insightful example of how technology can hinder the classroom experience. I also gave note to both sides of the argument of technology in classroom in this post, which gives the reader an alley to expand on my argument. This also shows that my comments are stronger than my posts. The reasoning behind is that I have a hard time coming up with my own arguments, and am better at building upon other arguments.

Overall, my view of blogging has drastically changed over this semester. I began having little to no interest in them, and struggling to complete the blogging assignments. Now, I enjoy blogging and feel that I will continue sharpening my skills even after this class is over, because has truly showed me the enjoyment that blogging can entail.

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