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I am a history major, and I wanted to incorporate this into my blog postings. As best as I could I tried to give somewhat of a historical perspective in a lot of my comments. I wanted to discuss technological changes not just as they were occurring in our generation but as they were happening throughout history as well. I think to a degree I was successful in this. I found this much easier to do when I was responding to someone else’s prompt than when trying to compose my own question. In some ways I think that is probably a symptom of some sort of my own internal arrogance, perhaps I feel better sharing knowledge than acknowledging someone else out there may be able to add to mine, I don’t really know why this is. But either way I found it easier to incorporate history to things other people were wondering than to things that I was asking others to comment on. I think this was a little hit or miss for me. My comment about technology and communication, I think, was able to incorporate modern concerns with larger trends throughout history, whereas my comment about sci-fi become reality seemed a little bit dry and just full of largely useless information. I think this means I need to try in my writings to focus on answering specific questions and responding to ongoing discussions. Much of my writing in the future will be in the arenas of history, military history, and military strategy, and I will need to attempt when doing these things to respond to previous writers, or answer specific questions, rather than just trying to talk in a vacuum, not taking into consideration earlier views and discussions about the topic I am trying to discuss, since I seem to be better at responding this way, anyway.
To be completely honest blogging is not something I see myself doing much of in the near future. As an Army Officer, posting my thoughts and opinions online is probably the absolute last thing I should be doing. Not only would I have almost no way to make the time on a regular basis to do such a thing, I would possibly be compromising security and compromising classified information whenever I posted. However, while posting as an Army Officer is not a good idea, posting as an ex-army officer should not be a problem. This time period is a long ways away (as soon as I start the next semester I am committed until I am 30 years old), but I can see it being a possibility in the future. Of course, we have no clue what technological and societal changes will have occurred, blogging could be as archaic as landline telephones by then, but the idea of blogging may very well persist, be it in twitter feeds, Facebook statuses, or whatever comes next. The short, informative format of the blog is flexible and can be adapted easily, if I were someday to turn into some sort of military theorist I could have a blog about this, or I could criticize music, or I could discuss cooking recipes for all I know (highly unlikely to say the least). Blogging is unlikely to be useful for me in the near future but some day I might end up applying it.

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