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Problems, SOLVED with a charged cell phone

In the beginning of the course this semester, I thought technology was all good. Most of the class did, with some definitions of technology sounding like, "man made devices that aid in advancement or development." One of our first assignments, the technology log, was a huge wake up call to how often we use technologies every day – and how useful they can be, and also our dependency on technologies. I opened my essay with a story of how I used my cell phone to help me fix the problem of forgetting my books. (I texted my mom, and she brought them to my friend's house, who goes to a college nearby. When he got to Pittsburgh, he texted me, and I took a bus to get my books. Problem, Solved.) Without a cell phone, I would have had to wait even longer to get my books back, or I might even consider buying new books.

In my image, I tried to show sad people alleviating their problems with a cell phone. The man on the top left is clearly in distress, but when he has a cell phone, he becomes content. The cute little girl has a cell phone with a dead battery, so she cannot call a hairdresser or someone who would know to tell her that cutting her hair was a bad idea. The last picture, the teenage girl, I think showcases my point the best. She is clearly longing to not be on the bus, and with a cell phone, she can call someone to bring her a bike. With a bike, she is clearly happier.

This composition was particularly challenging for me. I knew that I wanted to have unhappy people, and then a cell phone changing the scenario to make them happy people. However, in my first draft, (and second!) this was not apparent. I was doing sequential order, but it was not until the idea of + and = was suggested to me that my message became clearer.

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