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I decided not to attach my picture because it contained information that I did not want to put on this blog that is available to everyone in the world. Take a look at the NY times article about facebook and their privacy settings.

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This image that I created represents Michel Foucault’s panoptican. In my Technology and Surveillance assignment I expressed my feelings about facebook and how it disciplines me. I chose to use this idea and create a picture. The eye represents the guard or basically everyone who has a facebook. It gives the feel that everyone is watching you. I used the facebook logo to make it clear that I am talking about the social networking site, facebook. In between the facebook letters I put facts about me like my name, where I was born, some likes, my jobs, and where I go to school. All of these facts that I listed are currently on my facebook page and can be seen by anyone who is watching or looking. Although I have a strict privacy setting where people cannot search me or see my information with out my permission, the continuous changing privacy settings keeps me alert. I now know that whatever I put on facebook can ultimately been seen by anyone with a computer and Internet. By posting my information like my name and location on facebook it opens new doors for people to “stalk” me just as I “stalk” people. Sometimes I am scared who exactly the “eye” is, because I would like to know who is looking at me and who is checking out my information. From the other perspective I would not like people knowing if I was the eye. I would not want people to know that I am looking at their pictures, likes and dislikes, and where they are currently residing. Facebook is one giant panoptican. The difference between Foucault’s descriptions is that facebook works both ways. A person can either be the guard stalking people and their lives or be the person in the jail being watched but not actually know who is watching you.

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