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Cellular Panopticon

Texting gives us all the opportunity to have the most private conversations in very public places. However, texting is not as private as you think. What must be understood is that texting may seem private, but cell phone providers have access to every text you ever sent or received. My image is meant to show how the configurations of today’s cell phone networks and Forcault’s idea of panopticsm are similar. I chose a “Cellular Panopticon” to show that cellular network providers have a panoptic view of all the texts messages received and sent by their customers. I placed the “Verizon” logo on the central tower and the text message screens in the surrounding cells, to depict the cellular network providers’ panoptic view of all of our text messages. Also, I made the image of the panopticon black and white to have it act more as the framework of the logo and the text message screens. This puts emphasis on the location of the colored images on the panopticon and how they relate to panopticism. The quote that I included suggests society’s belief that the texts we send are private because the feeling of being observed is not very apparent and a sense of privacy is somewhat maintained. What people need to understand is that any one of our text messages could possibly be read at any time. I say possibly because there are laws to protect your right to privacy, yet it is still possible that someone could be reading your texts without your knowledge. Especially those of us who are still on our parent’s cell phone contracts because they pay the bill they can access pages upon pages of our texting conversations. Parents aren’t the only ones who have access to our texts; police can subpoena text records and call logs if there is a suspicion of illegal activity. My hope is that this image raises awareness of the texting’s panoptic nature and people realize that it is not as private as society leads us to believe.

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