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My Final Blog Frontier

Posted by frankie

Final Blog Portfolio

  1. Question: March 28
  2. Comment: April 9
  3. Comment: March 25
  4. Question: March 17
  5. Comment: Feb 16
  6. Comment: Jan 27

               Ever heard of the Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie? I have. This is because instead of sleeping in the late night hours, I find myself drooling over blogs like Sugar DerbyPicky Palate , and The Vegan Stoner. But recently, I have discovered that the more I explore our class blog, the more I can appreciate my food blogs. Instead of focusing on pictures, impatiently skimming text, and ignoring commenters, I patiently give the blog the attention it deserves and participate in the community the blog offers. For this, it appears, I have the class blog to thank.
             As my blog comprehension has increased, so has my ability to compose blogs. I always feel guilty when I submit dull work, but in these six selected posts, I made efforts to make these blogs an intriguing read. I chose questions relating to students and young people, like Facebook relationships, or internet meme, Rebecca Black. I wanted to ask the class questions they already wanted to explore, and based off the number of comments the selected questions received, this worked well. By using personal stories in comments I was able to illustrate points in a more engaging way. I also learned to use previous posts from others as a resource to formulate my own thoughts. My newest blog tool has been to validate my point by explaining how I have reacted to this topic. On a comment about YouTube commenting, I explained why people can be so cruel online, and then explored the point by admitting that I have left some needlessly cruel comments online. These tools have helped me be more confident in my writing.

           However, there is much room for growth in my writing. As I read through the blogs for this portfolio, I found it difficult to resisting re-editing my posts. I saw many ways I could have improved these posts. But because they remain flawed, I can at least explore what I would change in the future. These posts would have been stronger if I had spent more time editing them. By breaking up the paragraphs, they would have been easier to read. Along that line, using more natural transitions between thoughts would have made each post a more seamless experience. But the biggest change will involve content. My current posts are all very internal, meaning they focus on what I think and feel. Although, this can be a strength, my posts can seem rather one sided. They would have been stronger if I had made my point external by referring to articles or other sources. This would reveal what others think, making my points more valid, and less like a diary entry.

            When I did my midterm portfolio, I was amazed by how far my writing had come. Now looking back from my midterm portfolio, I still see much improvement. I have gone from expressing what I want to say, to explaining why I want to say that, leading me toward more persuasive work. Now that I understand the community aspect of a blog, I find posting more fun and interesting. I have learned to respect my reader by coming back to work and fixing awkward points, rather than just leave dead end pieces of writing in my post for lack of better wording.

             I have found I prefer to ask questions, rather than respond to posts. When you ask the question you have more control, which my manipulative nature truly enjoys. But more honorably, asking questions allows me to connect the blog to issues I have been wandering about in real life. It is fascinating to hear how others react to topics that I have often pondered, but not verbalized. I would like my future writing to make readers question things. Instead of giving answers in my work, I would hope to encourage readers to look for answers in the world around them.

             Though I fought it at first, I have growth to enjoy blogging. To my surprise, I think blogging has improved my composition writing skills (I would have expected this to work the other way around). But blogging, I have learned, is like so many things, how much I put in, determines how much I get out.

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Blogging: I Made It!!!!

Posted by Livinglifeloud432

1) One Blog Post since 3/15
2) Two Blog Comments Made After 3/15

Comment to Friday Poody

Comment to Teaching in Text Messages Post

3) Three Posts/Comments of My Choosing

Facebook vs. Yellow Pages

The Girl Who Started a Revolution

Comment to Information Overload

It’s been a SUPER long journey in blogging for me. I’ve written on topics ranging from “what I hope to gain from this class” to the protests in Egypt to Facebook vs. Yellow Pages. Personally, blogging has been both exciting and a drag. It’s been exciting for me because I was able to express how I felt about certain topics without feeling as though I had to be formal in my writing. For me, I think my ideas are best written when they are presented as a constant stream of thought. Blogging was much easier for me than writing a formal paper about topics that were widely ranged. If I was unsure about a topic that I posted, I could say so, and I could ask my peers what they thought. There were never any strict rules or guide telling me exactly what to do and how to do it. For me, this is what blogging became; an easy way to let out any resounding questions I had regarding technology or society.

Looking through most of my past and more recent blog posts, I noticed that I asked a lot of questions regarding how technology has affected our lives as a society. I liked posting questions that would make my peers think more about how much of a role technology has played in their lives. In class I liked to speak most about Facebook and its levels of influence it has played in our maturation and growth. I also liked to convey ideas about modern technology on the blog. In my post that spoke about Facebook versus Yellow Pages, I liked how the article that I found was connecting old and new technology. I liked the idea that they were both basically completing the same task, however the modes in which the task was completed was causing controversy. I think this post was especially strong because it provoked my peers, who commented on it, rethink their privacy settings on Facebook. I also think this post was particularly strong because it allowed for one commentator to post more questions regarding the subject. I also noticed that I took more enjoyment out of posts that stimulated my own thinking as well as the thinking of others.

This idea of mounting interest and stimulation was shown in both my blog posts and the comments that I made. I think my favorite blog comment that I’ve made throughout the semester was regarding an “overflow” of information that is presented to today’s society. I especially liked this comment because it answered a question that I have long been thinking about. I rarely ever watch the news because I feel as though every time I switch on the TV there is some report about someone else dying or what is going wrong in the world. However, I believe the ideas I expressed in the comment showed that hearing what is going on in the world makes you more aware of events that could have an effect on your life. This comment, to me, was strong because I believe I asserted myself and my thoughts in all the right ways; not leaving any of my thoughts unexpressed.

While perusing my past comments and posts, I noticed that I gradually began to explore ideas that interested me rather than posting and commenting for the grade. I actually received more enjoyment and was more interested in posting and blogging as time went on. I think my overall best post, of all my past and more recent blogging, has been the post regarding the use of Youtube in sparking a revolution in Egypt. I believe this post displayed both strengths and weaknesses. I think this post was an excellent one because I chose to clearly and effectively post about something that was important to me, therefore I wrote more and took more interest in the comments of others. I think this post was also a great one because we even spoke about it in class; I feel as though really great posts are not only to be spoken about on the blog. I was super excited when we discussed the revolution (and my post) was talked about when we were together. I wish I had given a more objective viewpoint in my post so that my peers could speak freely and come to their own conclusions.

Overall, I believe my blogging experience has become much more appreciated since the midterm blog portfolio. Now that I have gone through most of my posts and comments, I see where my writing strengths are and where I have room for improvement. Where I once posted and completed blogging assignments for the grade, I now blog and comment for enjoyment because I’ve come to realize that there is freedom in blogging. In the future, I definitely plan on using blogging as a form of expression and an outlet for conversation, and look forward to one day starting a blog of my own!

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Final Blog Portfolio

Posted by tucker

1 Question after March 15th, 2011

2 Posts after March 15th, 2011

3 Posts from anytime

When I first discovered that in class we would be required to blog once or twice a week I thought back onto what I did in high school history class. In high school my blogging assignments consisted of commenting on a historical picture or article. This turned me off the idea of blogging. Although when we started blogging in class, I found that this was different. I had so much more freedom on this blog. I could create questions, post videos, or give my opinion on one of my peer’s questions. I also enjoy how in our class that we made ourselves anonymous. Usually I am uncomfortable with others reading my work, but by doing this I am breaking out of my shell and not afraid to be judged for my writing. Blogging has opened a whole new type of world for writing.

The idea of a lot of my blog posts came from our class discussions. I enjoyed talking about technology and how it affects our culture because I am currently enrolled in a communications class that does the same thing. By having tiny class discussions in both classes I have drawn in a plethora of information that helps me construct my ideas. Since the midterm portfolio I have decided to “spice” up my questions by adding youtube videos or pictures. I believe by giving a visual aid to a question stimulates the reader in a whole new beneficial way. I have also gotten a lot more detailed in my questions. I now give a piece of background information and incorporate it with my own experience to formulate a new question or even a response. Since on the blog I do not have as many boundaries as I do in a formal essay I tend to get off track and write about the first thing that comes into my mind. Now I am starting to re-read my posts more and more to make them make more sense to the reader.

My question from after March 15th shows that I have improved since the beginning. For one people are starting to comment and post on my questions. At first I think the questions that I asked did not make sense and did not simulate any ones thinking. I also have been pulling in different outside information and my own personal interactions on all of my posts.

Looking back to where I originally started in January with blogging, I feel that I have significantly increased my abilities. For me blogging has taught me that I have to be both informal and formal about my writing. When I usually type online (on facebook or instant messaging) I am very informal in the sense I type with out correct punctuation or spelling. I have also learned to loosen up a little bit and not follow a strict five-paragraph essay format, not using I, or my own opinion. Today I picked what I feel are my strongest blog posts. Although I took time and effort into each post I created, some of them could have had more thought and analyzing going into it. Looking back I have felt myself become a better blogger. When I become older I would like to pursue a side career in writing a blog because I feel it would help my potential career in marketing.

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An End to a Great Experience

Posted by X5IRP

1)Six Blog Posts

a)After March 15th

i)One Question

ii)Two Comments


2)Bi-Polar or Bi Winning?

b)Three Posts any time

i)Sprinkler system in the homes?

ii)Airport full body scanners

iii)The Death of Itunes?


I have never posted on blogs before this class. I have posted notes on Facebook, I have added comments on Youtube videos I liked (a lot more on the ones I disliked), but nothing compared to what we were asked for this class. I was out of my element (like a child who wonders into the middle of a movie). As a result I had to spend most of the year experimenting and trying to find a writing style that best suited me. At the beginning of the year my writing style was rudimentary at best, I simply answered the question asked and moved on. With this style I didn’t go into any depth, there was very little thought or care put into my posts, answers were half formed at best. I wrote in this style, experimenting every once in a while for the first two weeks of the year. I tried answering posts very seriously with little to no humor, and then I tried making posts, which were primarily light hearted. These were a failure each post felt half complete, and halfhearted. I had to figure out a healthy medium between humorous and serious.

The turning point in my writing was my response to the Sprinkler system in the homes? Post. The response is important because it was the first time I made an effort to find a question I was interested in responding to. Usually I just pick the first question and formulate some half assed response, for this and later ones I picked a topic which I had an interest in or at least had a little bit of knowledge beforehand. Second, this response represents the style of writing I would use for later posts. I knew I couldn’t be too serious otherwise I’d bore the reader and myself. I also realized that I couldn’t take the subject matter too lightly because that would weaken my argument. This post is the start of the happy medium I tried to stay in. I was able to stay serious by explain how sprinkler systems work, while also being able to maintain a bit of humor “the wonderful things about fires is that you can never really plan for them” (Sprinkler system in the homes). This style of responding continued through out the rest of my blog posts.

I believe I’m a much better commenter than questioner. When I was trying to create a question I tried to make it topical, while also being a topic that I have been interested in. My question about Watson the Supercomputer is a good example of how I tried to structure my questions. I wanted to discuss the increasing ability of computers “to reason and weigh risk”. I was able to ask my question while relating it to the supercomputer Watson. IBM (the people who made the Jeopardy playing computer) was actually bringing the computer to the school to compete the day I made the post. The reference would then give the other students a better idea of what I was trying to explain. At the beginning of the year I didn’t even try to look up any examples. The other problem I had with creating questions was that I was never certain how to actually write the post. I felt writing questions was limiting, because there is this obligation to create an open-ended question. Knowing this I was never sure how much to post before I actually asked the question. I feel like responding to posts allows a lot more freedom to get started with an idea and run with it, then making a question.

Overall my experience with blog posting has been positive. At first making blog posts were a bit rocky, but after I figured out the style that worked best for me things began to move a lot quicker. Online posting became a lot easier, when I became more comfortable with the medium. When I make blog posts in the future I’d like to polish up my writing style. Make things more polished, improve grammar, decrease typos, and add some structure changes such as better integrating videos and images to my posts. Although, I don’t think I’ll be changing my style anytime soon though. In the future I’d like to improve my style of asking questions, because I wasn’t able to find the style that best worked for me.

This class was great because it made me post online, it was a grade, if I didn’t post I did badly in the class. Despite the mandatory posting, I loved every second of it, the truth is without the class I would have had no motivation to try and blog. I would never made a blog post, would never have kept up with current events. Thanks to this class I’m going to try making blog posts more. I don’t mean to say that I’m going to open up a tumblr account or Twitter. Instead, I’m going to take the extra effort to become more part of the online community, reading more blogs, and letting my opinion be heard when I feel strongly about a topic.

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My Progress as an Online Communicator

Posted by stickrpgperfect

1.) Six blog posts/comments (unrevised)

New question:

Facebook Booting 20,000 Underage Users Per Day (Post)

Two new comments:

Evolution of the Computer (Response)

They're Facebook Official!!! (Response)

Old questions:

Garbage Into Gold (Post)

Technology in the Classrooms (Post)

Old comment:

Sprinkler system in homes? (Response)

Extra post:

People in Need (Post)

2.) Reflection

As a role model for my blog posts, Edward Tenner has helped me dig deeper into the perception of good blogging. Providing eye-catching images, grabbing the attention of my peers, and developing the “talking” style were great tactics that I have incorporated in my most recent blog posts. These strategies were the key features that made all my blog posts powerful. In my post about underage Facebook users, I did a good job of catching the readers’ attention by adding a picture and an interesting statistic – “Did you know Facebook kicks out 20,00 underage users, PER DAY?” This introductory sentence provided a great start to my blog post and allowed the readers to maintain interest. In the end, I received very interesting responses from my classmates.

The biggest factor that contributed to my well-written posts were the discussions that we had in class. Not only I was able to share my own opinions, but I had the opportunity to explore all our classmates’ insightful ideas and thoughts. This allowed me to think of an appealing idea for a strong blog post, which made my posts generally stronger than my commenting. I was able to provide detailed background and outside source to my questions. This was shown in my post – Technology in the Classrooms. This idea came from our class discussions we had in class, which I further researched by finding articles online to see how technology affects how students learn. Also in my other post, Garbage Into Gold, I started off with an interesting question trying to catch the readers’ attention, and then made the transition to the background information. I believe I did a good job on providing readers with background information, which gave them a clear understanding of what my arguments were about.

If there is one thing I learned about writing and blog posts, it is that they can never be perfect. Writing is something that will always there to be made even better and polished. Going back and reading all of my works on blogging, I have seen several flaws that can be fixed in the future. One major imperfection I saw on my posts came from the few questions that I asked at the end of my posts. I tend to ask questions that mean the same thing, which was unnecessary and confusing to the readers. By eliminating concluding questions and adding only one in-depth question, I would have been able to compose stronger posts. This is shown in my post, Facebook booting 20,000 underage users. I asked several questions about what could be the consequences of underage kids using Facebook. By focusing on one major question, I believe I could have made my posts a lot stronger.

Reading back to all of my blog posts and comments, I caught on to the improvements from my blog posts before and after the midterm portfolio. In my most recent posts and comments, I was able to state the main point and further pursue that argument. My old posts had sections that were jumpy and didn’t state the main point. I believe my favorite post that clearly showed my argument was – People in Need. In this post, I was able to catch the readers’ attention by uploading an appealing image of an African American holding an expensive aftershave. I was also able to keep my post short and meaningful, which enabled me to get my point across. Making every word count in a short post like this allowed viewers to maintain interest on my work.

Although I – being a person that has never wrote a blog till this semester, I am confident to say that I have learned what it takes to be an online communicator. From composing and responding to blogs, I believe blogs are very effective on how they enable authors to send a short message with a greater impact compared to paper writing. I also believe that blogging is a lot more enjoyable with many connections to social networks and online communities. It allows bloggers to get more out of their peers and learn about their readers’ opinions. In the future, I would like to use this online writing in other areas especially in scientific fields. I believe it would be very effective to use blogs as a way to spread my ideas concerning dentistry. In the future, I would like to see myself using this talent of online writing in dental school, which will enable me to further pursue my career as a dentist.

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Final Blog Portfolio

Posted by Lt.Dan

1. Blog Posts

a. Virtual Reality Vs. Holograms

b. PS3 Hack Comment

c. Are smart phones becoming too smart? Comment

d. Debit Cards Good or Bad?  Comment

e. Technology literacy vs competency in the information age

f. Julian Assange and the new free(er) speech

2. Reflection

Blogging is possibly the single best way to share ideas with the world. This is in no small way connected to a blogs ability to facilitate collective thought and discussion in a focused manor while still preserving the individual voices of all bloggers involved. Successful bloggers know these characteristics of blogging and strive to embody each characteristic in each of their posts.

At the beginning of the semester I was brand new to blogging. I was unsure of how I should sound on a blog and what I should say. However, over the course of our class I have mastered the art of a strong blog post. I learned to incorporate in-class readings and discussion to keep my topics relevant in all of my posts. Another overarching theme seen in all of my blog posts is the complexity of thought and in depth analysis. I showcase this ability best in bog post B where I analyzed the credibility of the article we were asked to read before responding and also provided a more balanced account of the story through a new article. Blog posts E and F are good examples of how my understanding of the topic lead to my asking of questions that caused fellow bloggers to really delve deep and formulate a meaningful opinion. The strongest aspect of my blog posts has to be my ability to take a concept talked about in class one step further in order to really explore a topic in a way that hasn’t been addressed yet. My most shining example of this can be found in blog post a where I took the idea of separating technologies based on their political tendencies and separated technology into two categories that I observed in my own life. In that same post I also showcased my ability to make a serious topic somewhat fun to read about. I used my writing voice to hook the audience and present the information in a fun way.

Since the beginning of the school year I have progressed by leaps and bounds in my ability to write a solid blog post. Regardless, no matter how good I get, there is always room for improvement. One of the most outstanding shortcomings of almost all my blog posts is the lack of responses I get from the threads I create or the comments I contribute. I believe that one possible explanation for this could be that my fellow bloggers are feeling a little T.L.D.R (too long didn’t read). One consequence of the detail I like to include in my blog posts is that they tend to be long. Blog responses a, b, c, and e are probably too long to elicit responses from the casual blogger. Post d was also long but I thought that its length and organization were appropriate for that particular thread. I found that blog post f was probably the best length but did not show the organization that I developed later in the semester and is present in the rest of my blog posts. Another shortcoming in my blog posts is the lack of links to outside sources. I showed I was capable of incorporating other media into the blog in post f (my first post) but failed to continue that trend later in the semester. As a blogger, I really enjoyed when someone included an article or video so that a completely new topic could be intelligently blogged about.

Over the course of the semester I have grown as a blogger in many ways. I really enjoy the format of blogs because they allow me to share my ideas with a group of truly interested people while also being exposed to new ideas from truly interesting people. Blogs should be the format that all online writing is based off of. I believe that blogs attention and emphasis on concise, intelligently organized, and personal voice should also be used in other forms of online writing such as YouTube commenting. I can most definitely see myself starting a blog by the end of next year.  I really like the process of making my own threads so that a discussion is conducted in the way I want it to. I also really like commenting on others threads but I find that my favorite part of blogging is proposing questions to others and asking them to think in a new way. I think my blog will be somewhat of a personal “my life” blog in which I sum up my day and talk about interesting things that happened to me or thoughts that I had. Sometimes I will be walking and come upon a really good idea but have no outlet to share the idea. I think my blog will be a good way for me to remember my “sidewalk revelations” while also leaving them open to discussion and debate from possibly more informed people. My experience with blogging in this class has been so positive that I am sure I will be an avid blogger in the near future and for a long time to come.

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Blog Portfolio

Posted by cmac18


comment after 3/15:
comment after 3/15:

other comment:

first blog post:

other comment:

2 Not being a fan of blogging, when I read first read the syllabus and saw that we would have to blog weekly I dreaded it. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to think of any interesting questions, or that I wouldn’t know what to comment on. Although I personally am not a fan of blogging and will not continue after this class, I found it to be a big part of our conversations in class throughout the semester. As the semester went on I found myself making my blogs more detailed and adding links to broaden the discussion. After my midterm blogging portfolio I began to notice that I would take more time and care more about what I was writing. I started to research different news in technology to put into my questions, like my question on digital wallets. My comments also began to improve as I started reading other comments and not only contributing my thoughts on the topic but contributing to the conversation as a whole. Overall I noticed that I am much better at creating questions then I am at answering questions. I think this is because some of the things that were posted didn’t interest me personally or I didn’t know about them.

When going back and reading my posts, I commented on a wide variety of topics but tended to ask a narrower range of questions. Most of my questions seemed to focus on the digital footprint and how it is changing our world, not necessarily for the better. I feel I could improve on this by expanding my thinking past that and focusing on technology that helps the world as opposed to how it is making us less social or taking away from the simplicity of the world.

After being forced to play around with different medias and online blogging this semester, I feel I have grown to hate and appreciate it all. I have read some interesting outside blogs mostly concerning medicine, which I found rather helpful especially since, that is the field of study I am most interested in. Having done different compositions I have also started to play around with Imovie more and have found that it is vey useful and much more interesting than making a power point.

As far as the continuation of my online blogging goes, I don’t plan on doing so other than facebook or twitter. Other then the medical journals I don’t really find blogging to be that interesting or necessary. The majority of blogs I have read seem to be somewhat pointless or not on a specific topic. The only blog I have subscribed to is Caring Bridge that is an online journal/ blog for people with illnesses like cancer to write on so that loved ones know what is going on. My reasoning for this is because I have a friend with leukemia and being at college it is extremely hard to visit her, so this way I know everything that is happening with her and that she is okay. Other than Caring Bridge, I think the only time I would blog in the future is if I had to write some sort of medical journal on injury treatment.

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Final Blog Portfolio

Posted by Elimar -- question; "Stephen Colbert Sings Friday"; 4-11-11 -- response to "Famous on YouTube"; 3-17-11 -- response to "They're Facebook Official!!!"; 3-28-11 -- response to "Blind Driver"' 2-7-11 -- question; "Catholic Church Creates Confession App for the iPhone"; 2-15-11 -- response to "Are you a Mac or PC?"; 2-21-11

The responses I received from my peers and my use of personal examples were the main strengths of my blog posts.  I thought the responses I received on my post about the Catholic Church and technology were especially interesting.  This post also allowed me to focus on a very specific aspect of technology and gave me the idea to focus on technology and religion for the video assignment.  In my responses to the posts on Facebook relationship statuses and the PC vs. Mac debate, including an example from my own life in my argument strengthened my argument because theses topics are very opinion and personal-experience based.  Also, my ability to disagree with my classmates in a few of my comments made my posts stronger, and fun to write.

One of my goals that I set in my midterm blog portfolio was to include more current events and connections to class discussions in order to drive the conversation and discussions further.  In my posts for the second half of the semester, I was able to accomplish this and also further develop a personal writing style that included humor while analyzing and engaging with interesting topics.  I particularly liked the “Youtube goofiness” phrase I used in my comment on the Rebecca Black post.  Additionally, my point about the difference between “Youtube famous” and “real famous” on that post was later discussed in class.  After this class discussion and my post about Stephen Colbert’s performance of “Friday” I had to reevaluate and rethink my previous opinion on the different kinds of fame.  Overall, I improved on connecting to current events which allowed me to better participate in class discussions and gain new and interesting insights from my peers.

On that note, I think another reason that my posts improved from the first half of the semester was that everyone in the class improved their blogging skills.  I encountered several posts that the writers obviously found interesting and stimulating, so I became interested in the post as well and generated and interesting response.

Taking more time to compose my posts would have made them stronger.  For many of my questions and comments, I composed them quickly shortly before they were due.  I think if I had taken more time with them, I could have gone more in depth with my questions and responses.  This was especially true for the questions I posted.  I think I am more comfortable responding to posts because I do not have to generate a topic on my own.  I came across the topics for my strongest questions usually by accident.  When I had to search for a topic for a post, it was much more difficult.  When responding to questions, however, I could focus on responding to the question rather than searching for material to discuss.  Since I usually am more comfortable responding to prompts, I can work on figuring out my own set of questions to answer when I am not given a specific direction for future writing.

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Final Blog Portfolio

Posted by @CentralAve

1.   Question after 3/15

  @centralave Comment 1 after 3/15

  @centralave Comment 2 after 3/15 

 @centralave comment

@centralave comment


2.      Never really considering blogging as a form of communication or composition, I did not feel as though a blog entry deserved much of my time or attention when it came to writing. Revisiting the time line of my blog posts, I easily noticed a maturing of my writing as my opinion of online composition began to change. My first questions and comments contain very scattered thoughts and ideas. They also did not have adequate support or substance to them. I can honestly admit they were not very entertaining. After receiving constructive criticism from my varying audience, I noticed some of my statements and comments were quite confusing and made little sense to my readers. I started to focus the writing of my posts with a different view in mind; the viewpoint of the audience. Once I was able to put my mind in the shoes of the reader, I was able to make my posts stronger. My posts began to better portray a timeline of my thoughts helping the reader to completely understand my argument. I also started to elaborate on the points that supported my idea rather than creating unimportant fluffy text to cushion my topic. My supporting sources increased in number and quality as my blogs grew, such as my use of a Clay Shirky article and dictionary definition in my “House of Society” question, which was an immense improvement from my previous blogging. Deleting the text and ideas that did not directly support my idea left me more room to add stronger reinforcing facts that supplemented my thoughts. As my blogging developed I discovered that rereading my opening paragraph before composing my closing paragraph helped me to complete my thoughts and ensure my closing argument was the same reference as my beginning one, further strengthening my opinion or question. By focusing my writing more on the reader, my question ideas and arguments in my comments also increased in entertainment value, making them more desirable to read.

     Reading my recent posts I see that I still stray from my chosen topics, but not as much as in the previous posts that included in the midterm portfolio. Additionally I include unnecessary words and statements in my posts, though decreased in the amount. I could continue to improve on removing or rather expanding upon the already presented material to make them necessary comments. Furthermore, I do not consistently use the same type of grammar in my blogging, for example, using contractions such as “it’s” and “there’s” in my Ansell Adams comment compared to spelling out all my contractions like my multiple use of “it is” in my Technology and Reputation comment.

     Throughout my blogging journey, discussions in class, and peer review my opinion of online writing has drastically changed. Similar to my newly developed opinion of composition, I now see online blogging as self-expression rather than mere statements. Online writing should be valued on the same level as other forms of composition are. It too is a means of conveying ideas and thoughts. I see it as an assembly of beliefs and concepts; a creation.

      Being forced to dabble and explore online composition I am now more likely to choose this type of composition as a method of self-expression. Furthermore I find online writing as a preferred use of communication that is becoming more and more popular in my generation. Whether it is via Facebook chat or emailing professors, internet is one of my primary modes of communication.

      I see my ability to compose in an online fashion as an advantage as our world becomes more technologically dependent. In college and in the expanding job market, the internet and web are beginning to consume interpersonal communication and mandatory tasks. Both of which now define personal performance.

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The End of My Blogging Journey…for now

Posted by ssyw434

1. Showcase of my best blog questions/comments

Question after March 15, 2011:
The DUI Checkpoint App, harmful to our safety?

Two comments after March 15, 2011:
Comment on "Famous on YouTube: Exposure or Exploitation"
Comment on "Surveillance"

Comments or questions from anytime during the semester:
1. Comment on "Catholic Church Creates Confession App for the iPhone"
2. Political Qualities in Technology
3. Facebook, Gaining Ground or Losing its Lust?

2. My Reflection

It was January seventh and I had a blog post due the next day. I thought to myself, wow this is going to be easy; I’ll just blow through these blog posts with no problem. I perceived the blogging process very, very wrong. Inexperienced in the blogging atmosphere I took my shot at what I thought was a well written blog post: “My writing has always been all over the place and really random at some times. When I'm writing I tend to include nonessential details and it is sometimes not distinct as to what my major points are. For this semester I plan on clarifying my major points in my writing and making them more well known to the reader.” Now I look back at this post and think, wow, that post would be completely unacceptable to post now. Blogging is actually very difficult to do, I had to deeply think about the topic yet make the post informal in order to have a sense of conversation on the blog with my peers.

Looking at my work in this class as a blogger, I feel that I have grown to become a very good online communicator. I particularly enjoyed the blogging aspect of this class because it was a free space- I enjoy writing when I can write about something that interests me. In general, I think that I was very good at incorporating interesting topics in my posts which the readers can relate to. Specifically, I enjoyed posting questions about current events which my peers and I have a vast knowledge about like Facebook or uprisings about smartphone apps. When I wrote my post on the DUI Checkpoint App I thought I did a good of incorporating a major issue like drunk driving with something we can relate to like smartphone apps. The feedback I received was also very interesting. One of the commenters went further into the subject and even looked up MADD statistics about drunk driving. I thought this added touch of looking further into the subject made the whole post better in general.

On the other hand, a downfall that I had on the blog is that I didn't connect with the other commenters when I was commenting on a post. I usually didn't thoroughly read the comments before me which hurt my comments, because the previous ones may say something that I could refer to in my own comment. For example I commented on the post about the Catholic Church Confession App and I, not being a Catholic, did not really know much about Catholic values, yet the commenter before me was Catholic. I could have further analyzed this question provoked by the blogger by referring to some of jul5’s knowledge of the Catholic Church values.

Overall the online writing aspect of this class has made me think more into what I’m actually saying online. I think that the anonymity of our blogs allowed me to have more of an open mind of what I’m saying on the blog because if my peers knew who I was I think I would have said things very differently on the blog.

In the future I can see myself as a daily blogger. Prior to taking this class I had no interest in blogs whatsoever. I used to think who wants to read a blog? They’re just what other people think on a topic or what they’re up to, I don’t really care. Now after getting to know more about blogging and reading some blogs I think that I would like to take part in this hobby and express my views on different subjects. I’m going to make it my goal to try to keep track of an interesting thing that do each day of the summer through blogging. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be one of the recommended professional bloggers you suggest for your students to read?

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