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Technology and Multitasking

While looking over some articles for my future of literacy paper, I noticed something about the electronics we have today and multitasking.  The newer technology we have, the more we can do on them at once.  Like on almost any … Continue reading

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Question About Johnny

I was wondering about the Johnny articles, and the fact that students have really poor writing.  Does this mean that because many students still receive good and passing grades in their freshman writing classes or even higher level courses, that … Continue reading

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Media and Literacy Studies

In Dyson’s article, she argues that media and childhood cultures have been ignored by most literacy theorists, and by not ignoring them herself will help educators “better understand children’s motivations and concerns and better recognize and appreciate their resoures and … Continue reading

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Raymond Branch

When comparing ourselves, as college students attending a decent university, to Raymond Branch, in Sponsors of Literacy, our situations seem pretty similar.  We have easy access to everything we need in our literary world to become as literate as we … Continue reading

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Literacy is the ability to understand a language enough to comprehend written work, through reading, and also to express oneself through writing.

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