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Miller–The Coming Apocalypse

I realize that not everyone might have read this particular article, but I wanted to ask a question pertaining to something that Miller states. He discusses writing as a tool for self-expression, and how today, students have access to many … Continue reading

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Nicholas Carr tells readers about his inability to read long articles or books. He attributed this to google/”the world wide web.” He also discusses how his literary friends feel the same way. These are people who used to read often … Continue reading

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social literacy.

“Through their social actions, including their words, they establish their identities as knowledgeable people, socially included friends, and powerful actors; and, embedded in their actions is knowledge […]” (Dyson 326). Children are often actors in ways that they don’t realize. … Continue reading

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Simple, but interesting…

“Development of Initial Literacy”: In explaining how children acquire literacy, Goodman states, “I believe that all children in our highly literate society become literate […]” (316). To what extent do you agree or disagree? Why? And do you think that … Continue reading

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What is literacy?

Literacy is knowing language and being able to apply it in the world through writing, reading, and communicating.

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