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Project Based Learning in Action (short video clip)

Yay, we made it to the end! I know it’s over but I just found this today and thought some of you might be interested. After reading Miller’s “The Coming Apocalypse” many of us speculated what bringing practical real world … Continue reading

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“Programming Is the New Literacy”

I ran across this article last evening and felt like it fell into my lap at the most perfect time. This article does a great job of addressing some of the issues we discussed in class Wednesday regarding literacy and … Continue reading

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Stimulating thought and producing meaningful work

In Miller’s article on “The Coming Apocalypse” he challenges the way institutions impart knowledge and stimulate thought. He argues that while our world is becoming more global and interactive, our teaching system has remained in the stone age, with kids … Continue reading

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Could “Reading in Slow Motion” be the answer to our “fast and efficient” student issue?

After reading Carr’s article last week, a number of us expressed a fear of being or becoming a “fast and efficient” student, lacking the capacity for engaged thinking and thorough reading.  Although Miller’s article doesn’t offer a full on societal … Continue reading

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How can we eliminate stress on students learning a new dialect?

It is clear that there is a higher stress level put on students with a dialect other than that being taught. It is difficult to leave the comfort zone or to feel free to express oneself when being criticized constantly … Continue reading

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Could considering student strengths move kids to desire something beyond average?

Rose’s tale of a boy growing up in a violent area, plagued with lack of intellectual influence and guidance, and a poor education system is not as uncommon a story as we may think. In fact, growing up in a … Continue reading

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Literacy Definition

Literacy means the ability to decode written or verbal words for meaning as well as to express one’s self through written or verbal word.

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