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Why aren’t we stimulated by deep attention?

When discussing the reasons why individuals are able to maintain motivation to play video games Hayles states, “Stimulation works best… when it is associated with feelings of autonomy, competence, and relatedness”. Assuming this claim to be true, why is the … Continue reading

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Is excellent writing taught or facilitated?

Bartlett’s article focuses primarily on the issue that “college has not been doing a good job of teaching students how to write”.  The question that surrounds this supposed problem is whether it is the job of colleges to teach writing … Continue reading

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Language as a source of power and identity

In the selection from Other People’s Children, Delpit writes, “language choices are not neutral. The language associated with the power structure- “Standard English”- is the language of economic success, and all students have the right to schooling that gives them … Continue reading

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You know you want to be more than average…

Considering many of the individuals in this course want to be teachers, what are your feelings about Rose’s claim that “Students will float to the mark that you set”.  Since literacy seems to be such a malleable concept, do educators … Continue reading

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Literacy Definition

Literacy consists of both the ability to comprehend written material as well as produce it.

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