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Internet Lingo and Academic Prose

In doing research for the Future of Literacy project, I keep thinking about the gap that exists between the writing done on the internet and the writing submitted in school. It’s only going to continue-what started off as chat sessions … Continue reading

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Do we really want to be fast and efficient students?

Lecture hallsĀ are filled with the bright lights of laptops–many students choose to type instead of using a pen and a notebook. Passages of long readings are highlighted instead of annotated in the margins. Why do we do these things? Maybe … Continue reading

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In Ralph Cintron’s article, he emphasizes that there is more to graffiti than we assume. He reflects on something seemingly simple, murals we often note as pure artwork or symbols of violence. However, he claims graffiti is composed of a … Continue reading

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Goodman Question

As Goodman stated, “Although it may seem obvious, it is important to remember that children’s development of literacy grows out of their experiences, and the views and attitudes towards literacy that they encounter as they interact with social groups” (317). … Continue reading

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Literacy Definition

Literacy is the ability to comprehend writtten and spoken language.

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