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“World’s Most Expensive Book Sold”

Found this on Yahoo News and figured I’d pass it along. It’s not the best version of a book–mainly life size pictures of birds–but it does go on to discuss how much other rare books have sold for. Putting a … Continue reading

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Symbols as Literacy?

Cintron’s article Angels’ Town details different ways of communicating gang affiliation using main stream symbols that would otherwise seem innocent when looked at outside of a gang perspective.  The primary example used in the article is gang members wearing specific … Continue reading

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More than Sponsors

In Brandt’s article, “Sponsors of Literacy,” she discusses the economics behind literacy development and presents many case studies about people’s literacy levels and work environments that led them to those literacy levels.  Do you believe that literacy is the primary … Continue reading

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Literacy is the ability to understand and relay communication.

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