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Project Based Learning in Action (short video clip)

Yay, we made it to the end! I know it’s over but I just found this today and thought some of you might be interested. After reading Miller’s “The Coming Apocalypse” many of us speculated what bringing practical real world … Continue reading

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Technology and Writing

Hey ya’ll, So I went to the Kirschenbaum lecture on Wednesday, and it was pretty cool.  The talk had a lot to do with forensics in computers, how a file can track changes, and how much that would open up … Continue reading

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“World’s Most Expensive Book Sold”

Found this on Yahoo News and figured I’d pass it along. It’s not the best version of a book–mainly life size pictures of birds–but it does go on to discuss how much other rare books have sold for. Putting a … Continue reading

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“Programming Is the New Literacy”

I ran across this article last evening and felt like it fell into my lap at the most perfect time. This article does a great job of addressing some of the issues we discussed in class Wednesday regarding literacy and … Continue reading

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Your Literacy

As we wrap up the semester, for many of us the penultimate semester in our undergraduate lives, I just have a few simple, open-ended questions. Are you content with your personal literacy? Why or why not? and Are you satisfied with … Continue reading

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Technology and Multitasking

While looking over some articles for my future of literacy paper, I noticed something about the electronics we have today and multitasking.  The newer technology we have, the more we can do on them at once.  Like on almost any … Continue reading

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Internet Lingo and Academic Prose

In doing research for the Future of Literacy project, I keep thinking about the gap that exists between the writing done on the internet and the writing submitted in school. It’s only going to continue-what started off as chat sessions … Continue reading

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Miller–The Coming Apocalypse

I realize that not everyone might have read this particular article, but I wanted to ask a question pertaining to something that Miller states. He discusses writing as a tool for self-expression, and how today, students have access to many … Continue reading

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Stimulating thought and producing meaningful work

In Miller’s article on “The Coming Apocalypse” he challenges the way institutions impart knowledge and stimulate thought. He argues that while our world is becoming more global and interactive, our teaching system has remained in the stone age, with kids … Continue reading

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Why aren’t we stimulated by deep attention?

When discussing the reasons why individuals are able to maintain motivation to play video games Hayles states, “Stimulation works best… when it is associated with feelings of autonomy, competence, and relatedness”. Assuming this claim to be true, why is the … Continue reading

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