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Blogs vs. print

I ran across a bit this morning that sheds some light on our discussion from yesterday about print vs. online writing, particularly blogs. There was some uneasiness expressed in class about the lack of vetting in online publications–that anyone could … Continue reading

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Now that we have the missing page…!

Tinslet and Kaestle say,”We can group the purposes of reading under five headings: pleasure or escape; day-to-day information; economic or spiritual self improvment; cultural promotion of dominant or minority cultures; and critical understanding and dissent.”  They also point out that … Continue reading

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Reading for information as “mundane”

On page 681 of the Tinsley/Kaestle article, they write that “Reading for information is so mundane, so continuous, and so ubiquitous that autobiographers say little about it”.  This really struck me and surprised me upon first reading it.  In the … Continue reading

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Formally Learned Literacy vs. Lirico (Farr)

In her article, Marcia Farr, uses the experiences of a handful of Mexican men to discuss the phenomenon of lirico or the informal learning of literacy. On page 474, Farr discusses a specific case in which one man picked up … Continue reading

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The Politics Behind Escapist Reading

Reading Tinsley and Kaestle’s piece, I was reminded of a debate that broke out within the literary blogosphere at the end of this past summer. Franzenfreude, as it was later termed, was oriented around the idea that male authors command … Continue reading

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Little League Literacy?

Brandt talks a lot about sponsoring literacy. Perhaps some took it in stride, but I was struck by how much pressure that put on educators – your name following someone through life, their proficiency with language hinging partially on how … Continue reading

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Raymond Branch

When comparing ourselves, as college students attending a decent university, to Raymond Branch, in Sponsors of Literacy, our situations seem pretty similar.  We have easy access to everything we need in our literary world to become as literate as we … Continue reading

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Simple, but interesting…

“Development of Initial Literacy”: In explaining how children acquire literacy, Goodman states, “I believe that all children in our highly literate society become literate […]” (316). To what extent do you agree or disagree? Why? And do you think that … Continue reading

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More than Sponsors

In Brandt’s article, “Sponsors of Literacy,” she discusses the economics behind literacy development and presents many case studies about people’s literacy levels and work environments that led them to those literacy levels.  Do you believe that literacy is the primary … Continue reading

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In, “The Development of Initial Literacy” by Yetta Goodman explains how children establish and mature writing and reading throughout literacy events. Literacy events are incidents where literacy actually has a task in a person’s life. She also says how children … Continue reading

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