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Project Based Learning in Action (short video clip)

Yay, we made it to the end! I know it’s over but I just found this today and thought some of you might be interested. After reading Miller’s “The Coming Apocalypse” many of us speculated what bringing practical real world … Continue reading

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Technology and Writing

Hey ya’ll, So I went to the Kirschenbaum lecture on Wednesday, and it was pretty cool.  The talk had a lot to do with forensics in computers, how a file can track changes, and how much that would open up … Continue reading

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“World’s Most Expensive Book Sold”

Found this on Yahoo News and figured I’d pass it along. It’s not the best version of a book–mainly life size pictures of birds–but it does go on to discuss how much other rare books have sold for. Putting a … Continue reading

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“Programming Is the New Literacy”

I ran across this article last evening and felt like it fell into my lap at the most perfect time. This article does a great job of addressing some of the issues we discussed in class Wednesday regarding literacy and … Continue reading

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Your Literacy

As we wrap up the semester, for many of us the penultimate semester in our undergraduate lives, I just have a few simple, open-ended questions. Are you content with your personal literacy? Why or why not? and Are you satisfied with … Continue reading

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Technology and Multitasking

While looking over some articles for my future of literacy paper, I noticed something about the electronics we have today and multitasking.  The newer technology we have, the more we can do on them at once.  Like on almost any … Continue reading

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